Like from non Hollywood. Very brave, satire on Hollywood full of FX productions. Brave camera movement, wide angle shoots most the time, 28mm or less, from time to time tiresome due to artefact on perspective, but consistently, follow up characters, VERY VERY close shoots! Something exceptional! And brilliant acting, something what was forgotten on west side of ocean.

If You missed it till now, you know what to do ;-)

it might remind you something … ;-)


Time to say Good Bye 32bit ;-)

Adobe just announced that next major version of Lightroom will be 64Bit ONLY. Additionally older versions of Mac OS X and Windows will not be supported anymore. How old? Mac OS X 10.8 and above, Windows 7 and above. 64bit on both platform. Adobe is mysterious as always, some points are not clear yet. Lightroom 6 will be available as normal licence or on Creative Cloud? Anyway, Adobe said that users can expect some performance boost, hope that this is related to Library module.



Amazing picture. Nominated for Oscars in non-english category. Film was photographed! If anybody missed it till now… will burn in hell ;-)

1. Classic picture ratio 4:3

2. Black & White

3. Most scenes taken from “tripod”

4. No FX effects, anybody can believe? 

5. Scenes talk more by composition than dialogs!