Georgia differently

Sometimes fate lobe us pranks. This happened to me, something struck me before the trip to take old analog camera and a handful of Fuji slide. I did not know why, until the Nikon refused to cooperate during the holidays. Medium, which forced me to think about before every touch of the shutter, is it worth it? whether I want to show? It reminded humility and the need for communication between humans, technology today allows you to slip unnoticed, register things superficially. Paradoxically, very glad with the broken Nikon, and next time I will take more slides 😉


Road to Omalo, ranks among to the five most dangerous on the world


Wild territory, Tushetii region


Dozens of abandoned gas stations


Armenian children before the show


Chiatura, a symbol of power of the Soviet Union


Orthodox Church, a place of reflection and prayer for many Georgians


post Soviet theatre in Telavi


Wild horses, Georgian Military Road


Bus station, Georgian Military Road

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